STREET BY STREET Towns can be as divided as they are diverse. Polarisation and dislocation are very complex, but very often - locked away - is also STRENGTH & WEALTH for wider sharing. The community centre is charting a course; we embrace diversity and innovation. Residents NEEDS ARE DIVERSE, and that requires a response which equals - if not extends - NEED if Abergavenny is to survive big socio-economic/climate related challenges and be among Wales enterprising, resilient towns. Instead of divisions, the centre focusses on practical, common shared-experiences, needs, interests and passions - bringing more people together - for mutual benefit. The centre has formed to ensure that MORE LOCAL PEOPLE can grow confidence in the people, and in the services, that are around us as we grow up, parent and grow old. Our experience teaches us that making connections in small, practical ways, creates a state of health, happiness and comfort which in turn promotes the sense of place and belonging, that'is vital to the safety of us all. - street by street - ~ join us ~

The ACT is a community-led organisation. Over one decade we have developed a Real Life Plan that meets people WHERE WE ARE. In order to be sustained, PEOPLE & good WORKS need accessible, approachable, casual (informal) space, with multi-purpose uses, and open doors. So! It is to this end that since July 2012 weve been in close negotiation -to hold a lease on a former Infants school - with custodians, Monmouthshire County Council . The Victorian building is in great condition. It holds potential to grow small enterprises and to be a true/living calalyst for community-focussed activities for THE PEOPLE LIVING IN AND AROUND Abergavenny. Vitally, it acts as a THIRD PLACE- not home & not work- where those of us who want to call Abergavenny our Home can decide for ourselves:- How? When? Where? Why? we contribute and participate here. How people FEEL, matters a great deal and has a significant impact on what we DO. We all have unique give & take needs; This grassroots Movement is creating a SAFE PLACE thats welcoming and includes busy people on our own terms. The SIMPLE/INEXPENSIVE plan brings insight, knowledge & skills together for the first time, in a local plan for prosperity and resilience for the LONGTERM.